The Unbeheld​/​Galaxicon Split EP

by The Unbeheld/Galaxicon



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released February 4, 2011

Song was written and performed by The Unbeheld.

Recorded and mixed by Alan Burcham at Secret Team Headquarters and Ardent Studios.

Mastered by Kevin Nix.

Artwork by Enfectious Erf.

Special Thanks to AC.



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The Unbeheld Memphis

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Track Name: Hymn To Nothing
Unfortunately it falls to me
My failures, like snake bites
or armies of termites...
Gnaw upon the cross of Jesus Christ.

The lifeless form a sea
In waves they baptized me
Anointing all heads
with their rings of relief
Knuckle children,
Spill out beneath.

Corpse speaks names
Father hide your notes of shame
He is gone and still it lingers.
Blood blisters on the fingers.

Below the floor,
this recent finding splits them
Where now from here.
Shifted in fear.
It was pulled from a dream
Memory transferred
Astral to physical.
This has not happened before,
the crack spreads
into fault lines. into each mind.
At fault, only Divine.
Without reason, without rhyme.
(He is gone and still it lingers.
Blood blisters on the fingers.)

the nails that held time
rust in sweat.
we share the same slime
and engorge in regret.

so derailed, the whole time
one thing wept
though we shared, the same crimes
we've lost all bets